We deliver fabrication projects from our Port Harcourt fabrication yard with focus on quality and the adherence to the highest global best practices, safety standards and sensitivity to our environment. Our state of the art indoor fabrication facility allows us to work regardless of weather conditions. Our fabrication capabilities include cognate and demonstrated capacity in the following areas:

Offshore and Onshore Fabrication

Our yield in onshore and offshore fabrication exceeds 10,000 tons annually. Our Offshore and Onshore Fabrication services include Piping/Mechanical & Civil Structural.

Subsea Structures

We fabricate complex subsea structures, and test manifolds with their respective anchors such as Suction Piles, Water Injection, Production and Gas Manifolds. We have expertise in welding of various steel including stainless steel, carbon steel and duplex using a wide range of processes such as:

  • SMAW
  • Orbital welding
  • TIG welding
  • SAW
Onshore and Offshore Fabrication

Communication Towers

Seflam SGL has the capability to fabricate all types of communication towers. Whether it be a standard cell yower, a tree, a concealment structure such as a clock tower, palm tree, flag pole or church cross, or a self supporting tower, our clients can rely on us for flawless execution.

As the wireless industry advances, the weight load on existing cell towers are increasing. For most operators, it would be inefficient to take down the existing poles and replace with a larger poles, so existing poles are reinforced by replacing shafts with heavier bars. These reinforcements extend the useful life of cell towers and enable the pole hold more antennas and equipment.

Onshore and Offshore Installation